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Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Home Care for Your Needs

Angelic Home Care Assistance is a trusted and preferred provider of effective at-home care. Keep browsing to get helpful information on the services we offer to our esteemed clients.

24-Hour Home Care

Our company provides round-the-clock care and support for kids, adults, and seniors. We rotate our dependable caregiving professionals to best cater to your needs during all hours.

Support and Companionship

We offer the services of compassionate caregivers who are committed to providing personalized care and companionship. Our highly trained, qualified, and experienced staff will assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

These include a variety of errands and homemaking tasks.

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Tailor-Fit Service

We understand that every family has different needs and specifications. That is why we communicate closely with our clients, making sure we meet all their requests in the best way possible.

Rest easy knowing our caregivers strive to meet all your loved one’s needs, making sure they are safe and comfortable at all times.

Companion and Social Isolation Care

COVID-19 is now among the biggest threats to the health and safety of the elderly as well as those with disabilities and immunodeficiencies. The isolation that this brought on also takes a huge toll on the mental health and happiness of these same individuals.

That is why we provide quality companionship and social isolation care services that work for clients of all ages and health conditions.

Everyday Care and Companionship

Expect our friendly caregivers to provide encouragement, engage in meaningful conversations, and help with various household tasks.

Rest easy knowing our experienced care coordinators will be careful in noting all your needs, requests, and specifications.

For Your Peace of Mind

Companion care will make staying connected with your loved ones much safer and easier. This will help give you and your family much-needed peace of mind knowing your loved one always has support from a trained caregiver.

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Meal Planning and Preparation

Allow us to help you save time and effort by making larger batches of meals. This way, you can continue to eat healthy even when your caregiver is not around.

Grocery Shopping

You can trust us to keep a running grocery list for the items you need in your home. These items can include cleaning supplies, paper products, washing detergent, and much more.

Our caregivers are also experts in finding coupons and the best in-store deals.

Nutrition Monitoring

We are trained to assist with planning well-balanced meals and snacks. Our professional caregivers are experienced in both helping and completely preparing homemade meals for you or your loved one.

Rest easy knowing our staff will monitor the food and fluid intake to ensure healthy nutrition.

Other Tasks

Our caregivers can keep your kitchen area clean and organized at all times. We will also dispose of all outdated food in your refrigerator and pantry.

After Surgery Care (Short-Term)

The recovery process of some operations can be quite difficult. This is when you may need a bit more help when returning home.

Angelic Home Care Assistance offers one-on-one care for those who have recently undergone surgery suited to the needs of each newly discharged patient. We do everything we can to make sure you are always safe and comfortable during this time.

With our help, you can also opt to skip rehabilitation centers and go straight home.

Flexible and Comprehensive

Our in-home care services include transportation to and from the surgery appointment. It also includes patient care for just the first few hours after the operation
or until you feel better.

As you continue to heal, we can scale back the care services we provide. This way, you can learn to manage your daily activities with less assistance.

Dependable Staff

Expect our compassionate caregivers to assist you with all your needs. We will help you make sure you get the rest you need to get back on your feet.

Personalized Approach

We ensure quality and dependability in everything we do. That is why we tailor our services to the needs and requirements of each specific child, adult, or senior we serve.

Fall and Accident Prevention

Most fall or accident injuries in the home can be prevented with the presence of an attentive caregiver. Our experienced caregivers can assist you or your loved one with fall and accident prevention care.

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Helpful Information

Many falls happen because of a loss of balance. It is also among the leading causes of injury in adults over 65. Individuals can suffer from emotional and physical pain, which may need surgery or rehabilitation to address.

Some treatments even last long after the initial fall.

What We Do

Our focus is on reducing the risk of injury and frequency of falls. We assist with the proper use of a cane or walker and offer standby assistance. We also assess the safety of your area to make sure the path is free of furniture or debris that could cause a fall.

Parkinson's Care

Just because your loved ones need support with some day-to-day activities, doesn’t mean they need to move into assisted living facility or nursing home. We offer 24-hour home care services to meet all your needs in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Compassionate Service

The main focus of your caregiver will be to aid your loved one as they adapt to increasing limited mobility. We do this with the goal of helping them maintain their dignity and independence of living at home.


Gentle Care and Support for Adults With Autism

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) begins in early childhood. However, the challenges associated with the condition affect the lives of those diagnosed until they turn into young adults or seniors.

Angelic Home Care Assistance provides compassionate care to adults and elderlies with ASD. We help them facilitate their daily lives by using efficient approaches. These strategies are also available to family members and paid professionals caring for the patients.

Suited to Your Lifestyle

Different individuals and families have different home care needs. We tailor our services to best meet the unique lifestyles and specifications of those we serve.

Dynamic Leadership and Staff

Our care team is headed by a nurse who is experienced in overseeing efficient client care plans. We also offer the services of a reliable care coordinator who is in charge of making sure we address your every request.

Trained and Experienced Professionals

We match you with experienced caregivers who are skilled in assisting individuals who have Parkinson’s disease. Our team of compassionate and experienced caregivers will help with various homemaking tasks as well as activities of daily living (ADL).

You can also expect top-quality care and companionship from our courteous staff.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Reliable in-home care is an excellent alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

We provide compassionate care from the most experienced caregivers, making sure we meet the needs of those living with early, middle, or late stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Individualized Support

Our goal is to help your loved one continue living with dignity and purpose. That is why we work hard to make sure they maintain their health and emotional well-being.

Among our goals is also to make sure they keep their valued connections to the people, places, things, and memories that mean the most to them.

Flexible and Customizable Hourly Care

Request quality in-home care services tailored to your needs. We personalize our services to best suit your lifestyle and specifications.

We offer our services for as little as a few hours each week and up to 24 hours each day.

Our Services

Our team of experienced caregivers will help you accomplish household tasks as well as activities of daily living, also known as ADLs. We also provide personalized care and companionship.

Rest assured we provide tailor-fit services to clients of all ages, making sure we meet your needs in the best way possible.

About Our Staff

Our care coordinator will work closely with you to make sure we meet your family’s in-home care needs. Your care plan will also be established and overseen by a registered nurse who is committed to ensuring quality in everything we do.

Respite for Family Members

Avoid burnout from caregiving by making time for yourself. We offer comprehensive respite care to help you get a much-needed break. This way, you can recharge both physically and mentally.

Reliable Care Support

Allow our team to temporarily care for your elderly or disabled loved ones. You can request our services for just a few hours a day to an entire 24 hours.

Tailored Service

We take our time to get to know your specifications and lifestyle. Our care coordinators will then appoint a dependable caregiver to help you address your family’s in-home care needs.

Cancer or Chronic Illness Care

The recovery process for those receiving chemotherapy can be quite challenging. You may need support from a trained individual to help you heal and rest at home.

Caregiver Services

Our care coordinator will work closely with you to assess your needs, making sure you are matched with the right caregiver for you. We will then appoint one of our compassionate and experienced caregivers to assist you with activities of daily living, also known as ADLs.

Our staff will provide personal care and help with various homemaking tasks.

For Comfort and Well-being

We apply a careful approach to caring for those with cancer or chronic illnesses. That is why our professionals provide 24-hour home care services that work to ensure each client’s comfort and safety.

Live-in Care

When you find yourself or one of your loved ones in need of additional support, it might be time to call a live-in caregiver. Our company is trusted for quality home care services for individuals of all ages.

This service is ideal for those who need to get away for a business or leisure trip but require a nurturing companion for their loved ones.

What We Do

Our caregivers will attend to you during the day, at night, or around the clock, making sure we meet your needs in the best way possible. Rest easy knowing we provide custom-fit care services that work to ensure superior safety and comfort for every client.

We assist with Activities of Daily Living, also known as A.D.Ls., and help out with various homemaking tasks. Our staff also provide personalized care and companionship for each client.

Relief and Recovery

Live-in-home care means that a caregiver resides in your home for a long or short period. They are helpful for those who are experiencing a change in their health or living condition.

Our services provide peace of mind and assurance for individuals who are recovering from surgery or illness. You see, we make ourselves available to provide immediate assistance, ensuring your health and well-being as best we can.

Company Process

Our professional care team is led by trained and experienced nurse who is efficient in establishing and overseeing client care plans. That is why you can be confident that we can provide the best quality care for your needs.

Our care coordinator will also work closely with you to make sure we meet your loved one’s needs. Rest assured we apply more than 15 years of experience to match you with trained and qualified caregivers.

Transportation Services

Get to all your scheduled appointments safely and on time with our help. Our caregivers will accompany you to your appointments and help you with tasks you need to accomplish and reminders you need to take note of.

We will help you keep track of activities and events such as the following:

  • Visits to the Doctor or Dentist
  • Physical Therapy or Dialysis Appointments
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Pharmacy Prescription Pickup
  • Family Events
  • Social Outings
  • Other Errands

Request Our Services

To get more information on what we do and how we can help, reach out to our friendly staff today.